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Valentin's Honey Farm
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Valentin's honey farm was founded on an age-old tradition and dedication to the highest quality. We keep our own bees and bottle our own honey with minimal processing. It is NEVER PASTEURIZED or FILTERED, which allows our honey to retain its beneficial qualities. It remains rich in minerals, vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, pollen and propolis.

A little about our owner, products and business:

Valentin Brijak is the owner of Valentin's honey farm. He was born and raised in the Ukraine by a family of bee keepers. By the age of eight, Valentin had his first personal beehive. It has been his family’s tradition for many generations to care for beehives. Today and over 50 years later, Valentin is enjoying the management and ownership of over 1000 beehives in his apiary. As a bee keeper he produces honey, bee pollen, bee venom...

In 1996 Valentin Brijak moved to Florida and decided to continue his business near The Ocala Natural Forest. The Ocala Natural Forest is one of the most ecologically clean places in the world. The Ocala National Forest is a federally protected conservation area. In this area no farms or homes exhist that can pollute the pollen with pesticides. As a result of this “safe-zone” we can ensure the production of a very pure, high-quality, safe product. No harmful particles have ever been found in any of Valentin's apiary honey or honey products. Valentin's honey products are largely sold by large corporations that are very demanding about the safety and quality of honey products, and maintain very tight controls regarding the quality. Valentin is proud to have created an outstanding reputation for producing the highest quality honey and honey products in the industry. Aside from honey, bee pollen is of special concern with regards to location; bee pollen easily absorbs substances from the environment and can be very harmful to people. As such, we have selected the best locations and processes for protecting and improving our bee pollen product.

Valentin's Honey Farm produces bee pollen that is mixed with the honey, because:
  1. It increases the shelf-life of the product, and
  2. Before being blended with honey, the Bee Pollen goes through a special process understood only by Valentin. In this process the shell surrounding the pollen granule is destroyed, releasing 90% more essential elements than if Bee Pollen is ingested as dry granules.
Honey, having high penetration, completes the process increasing assimilation up to 100% and storage temperature from 0 degrees up to 40 degrees Celsius, thus increasing the shelf-life up to 3 years. The technique of increasing assimilation is a highly-sought after method of production as typical methods yield bee pollen of which only about 10% can be absorbed in human digestion. Our process results in an increase in assimilation of nearly ten-fold and an increase in shelf-life of three-fold.

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